The Friendship Center + Double Good

Why do you do what you do?

1 in 6 people in Chicago are food insecure. There are an estimated 8,600+ people in our service areas who are struggling with food insecurity. Even one person is one too many. The Friendship Center provides our neighbors in need with food and other resources. It’s a place where neighbors help neighbors and a strong sense of community is built. We are all in this together.

What is one of the happiest memories at your organization?

In September of 2013 we expanded to a second location to better serve a larger area in Chicago. This location was a huge community effort by many, many people. It took nearly 18 months from the research stage to opening our doors and we only served a dozen households that first day. Those were a dozen families who were ensured they would have food for dinner and the coming days. Everyone was so excited to finally be able to put the plan in action.

If your organization could be two animals, what would they be?

The Friendship Center would be combination of a bear and a unicorn. Bears can be cute and cuddly but also extremely protective. This is what we are for our neighbors in need: a friendly place that will also fight for the right to have access to fresh, healthy food (among other things). And a unicorn. Does that need explaining? Unicorns are awesome and magical. Quite frankly, it is magical what we are able to accomplish with the resources we have available. We are currently able to provide a week’s worth of food for $10.80 ($0.51 per meal)! Magic…and awesome.

Can you draw it for us?

The Friendship Center partners with Double Good

Choose The Friendship Center at checkout and 50% of every dollar you spend goes to their awesome cause.

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