Crimson Heat Raises $31,000

Veronica Burton2 - Crimson Heat

If you are a parent with a child in competitive sports, you know first hand how quickly expenses can pile up. With a season that runs year-round, fundraising has become an integral, often frustrating, norm within cheer and dance households. Gym owner Veronica Burton of Crimson Heat shares her story, and how together the kids of Crimson Heat raised $31,000.

Veronica Burton - crimson heat

Crimson Heat made their first home in a 1500-square-foot facility outside of Washington D.C. Today, they light up two facilities more than six times that size. It all began with Veronica, the OF (original firestarter). A cheerleader in her youth, she loved the sport and credits it with making her the upbeat, awesome person who now runs both Firehouse gyms where Crimson Heat turns up.

The team was founded with the goal of nurturing talented athletes, confident kids, strong families, and cohesive communities. But with new uniforms, travel costs, and competition fees, cheerleading is a pricey sport. They needed to find a way to lighten the financial burden so that more kids could get in on the fun.

Presenting a new challenge to their athletes, Crimson Heat initiated a Double Good fundraiser with a competitive twist. “We’ve always been a tight-knit family, but I saw my gym come together in a way that was so amazing to watch,” Veronica said. “Everyone was rooting for each other, and there was a sense of pride because we had all these programs competing with one another for something good.”

Favorite Double Good flavor: In a Caramel Nutshell

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