Sheila Trost & Energizers Dance sell $27,000…in 4 days.

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The Dream Center itself was a dream come true. It was built in 2004, but for the 13 years prior, the Energizers dance team had practiced anywhere they could find the space, like the town hall in Hartford, WI or school gyms. Designed to suit the needs of dance teams for students 2 years and older, the Dream Center is also home to a daycare and a kindergarten.

Sheila Trost is the founder, artistic director, choreographer, as well as a teacher at the kindergarten. We call her the Dreammaker. The Dream Center was something Sheila dreamed up to offer kids big opportunities in a small town. Her goal is to create champion people, not just champion dancers, and to that end, they’ve won five world dance championships.

To get as many talented kids to these competitions as possible, they ran a Double Good fundraiser, raising 13,500 dollars. “The thrill of the competition was really exciting for the kids in our program,” Sheila said. “If you’re on a team, you have to be a team player, and when they knew the kids their money would support, it inspired our community.”

Favorite Flavor: Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy. Or anything with cheese on it, because we’re from Wisconsin.

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