National Popcorn Day


On this glorious day known throughout the land as National Popcorn Day, we celebrate the greatest snack of all time. How do we know it’s the greatest? Well, because science.

In a cave in New Mexico known as the “Bat Cave” — a place that sounds awesome for a dance party — scientists discovered popcorn kernels that carbon dated back to 3,500 BC. This could mean popcorn and mummification were invented around the same time, though on opposite sides of the world and definitely not by the same person.

So, we’d just like to give it up to popcorn for being our ride or die for the last 5,600 years and the most delicious snack since before sliced bread.

Happy National Popcorn Day from all of us at DoubleGood!

tl;dr: Ancient Batman may have invented popcorn. #fakenews

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