5 Sweet Things To Do For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, if you haven’t started draping everything in pink doilies, you’re behind. But have no fear; there’s still time! So break out the glitter glue, friends! Let’s get down and flirty with this list of things to do for Valentine’s Day if you’re feeling sweet on it.

DG008-VDay Sweet Blog


Pay homage to the precocious cherub with the mostest and throw about some love-themed decor that would make him proud. Options include paper chains, silk scarves, any & all things heart-shaped, and that old-but-omnipotent standby, glitter.


As it turns out, the celebration of St. Valentine had no romantic connotations until a poem by Chaucer in the 14th century. So take a page out of his book (not literally — there’s a word for that) and write someone you love a gushy poem.


If poems aren’t your thing, try your hand at a short-but-sweet valentine. The US Greeting Card Association (imagine being on that board 🙄) estimates that 190 million valentines are exchanged every year. This is where that glitter glue from above will really come in handy. The sparklier, the better.


In 1886, the heart-shaped box of chocolates was invented. And that’s so last yesteryear. Let us in on the celebration and show the special people in your life you know their favorite flavor with a Valentine’s Day popcorn gift box.


Really spread the love around with random acts of kindness. This day is about the depths of love, and there’s no shortage of the stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to add pink food coloring to everything you consume.

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