Popcorn Snow-sports-a-thon Mania!

Happy snowsportathon! If you hadn’t heard, it’s that time again when teams from all over the world descend on that place to compete in those games. And that, folks, is how you avoid a copyright violation. Let’s just meet our popletes…


Cornelius Popolopolous burst onto the ski scene hot and fresh. The crowd ate it up.


Pair skaters Andre and Popnelope were poised to take the gold in the finals with a show-stopping routine. But in an overzealous overhead lift dubbed “the air popper,” Popnelope was carried away on the wind, accidentally winning the ski jump competition.


Meet the members of our popsled team, Poplo, Poptrick, Popdexter, and Barb. Official popsled rules state that each team and their sled must weigh a minimum of 463 lbs. With a sled weighing 463 lbs, they puffed up their chests and came in at… 463 lbs.


Never having competed in curling and not really understanding the rules, Cornrad and Poppy were confused by instructions to “sweep” the “house” and instead stayed home to vacuum.

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