Popcorn Pairings!

Every Spring, the flowers and the trees and our spirits rise from the dead, but this year we get a bonus apparition. As of March 1st, the most feel-good ghost story of all time is available on Netflix: Ghostbusters.


Ya’ll know what this means! We’re bringin’ it back to basics and filling our bowls with classic buttery goodness. Do we believe in Bill Murray? You Butter Believe It. And we’re not the only ones; it turns out that most of his lines were ad-libs. So, in the famous words of Dr. Peter Venkman, “I love this plan! I’m excited it could work! LET’S DO IT!”

Fun Fact: The film was originally titled Ghost Smashers, although we think Ghost Poppers would have been just as good.

Want more popcorn pairings? See what we nosh while we watch Willy Wonka.

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