9 Ways To Avoid Sharing Your Popcorn

Sharing is caring, but sometimes the thing you care about most is popcorn. We know the sharing struggle is real, so we’ve compiled a list of highly questionable but effective tactics for bogarting the bowl at your next social gathering.


  1. Don’t invite anyone.
  2. Invite them but institute a strict BYOP (bring your own popcorn) policy.
  3. Physically block attempts to breach your bowl.
  4. Sneeze on it.
  5. Say you dropped it on the floor before they arrived.
  6. Stash it in your bedroom and keep “forgetting things” in there.
  7. Eat all of it before your guests show up.
  8. Hide it in a container for a much less delicious snack, like creamed corn.
  9. Double Good has your back…with family bags — enough to share.


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