6 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

On April 30th, Paint It Milk Chocolate and It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time! popcorn flavors go out of production for the summer, and that gives us a major case of the bummers.


So, we went out in search of chocolate that could withstand the high temperatures that have traditionally accompanied this season in the past and are still maybe going to make an appearance this year even though there’s no evidence to suggest it… which really just makes us need chocolate more than ever. Grab something off the list below for your favorite chocolate lover, or treat yo’self!

1 Soap
The best kind of confusion is the kind where you can’t tell if you’re in your bathroom or a confectionary.

via Elegant Rose Boutique
Image via: Elegant Rose Boutique


If you can’t eat chocolate, why not smell like it and ensure that everyone around you suffers the same unsatisfied cravings?

Image via: Demeter

Write down all your chocolate feelings in an aptly themed notebook.

Image via: EmbellishMyWorld

Light the eternal flame of your undying love for chocolate and let that baby burn!

Image via: tastydessertcandles

Get down with your (Breaking) Bad self and this science-y chocolate molecule pendant.

Image via: Nikola Jewelry

Beach Towel
The only thing melting at the beach will be other people’s faces when they get a load of this sweet towel.

Image via: Blooming Vine at Cafe Press

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