I Bought Popcorn. Now What?

You’ve probably heard us throw around the phrase “popcorn with a purpose,” and maybe you’re picturing a piece of popcorn with a long to-do list. And you’re not wrong.

Amy & Sunny hang with Melissa, one of the gala’s amazing athletes.

Our popcorn has a purpose, and it’s to do good. Every time you order the tasty stuff, we put 50 percent of your total purchase into the Double Good Kids Foundation, which supports kids with special needs. It’s you who provide education, equipment, and experience for kids — delicious popcorn is just the cherry on top.

Mickey & Minnie make an appearance!

So far, you helped certify six dance teachers through Wingman for Dance, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, and the National Dance Foundation to work with kids with special needs in their communities. And then you threw one heck of a party…

A couple weeks ago, we sent a group of Double Gooders to the USASF Cheerleading and Dance World Championships in Orlando, FL. Their mission was to throw a masquerade ball for 175 dancers and cheerleaders with special needs, their parents, and coaches.


These kids work incredibly hard to get into worlds and compete on DanceABILITIES and CheerABILITIES teams. Last year, after they performed, they wanted to meet each other but had nowhere to hang out. Glenda Broderick at USASF got to thinking about throwing them a party, and when we heard about it, we decided to help.

The Double Good team preps for the gala, getting gift bags ready. Pictured: Liz, Amy, Pat, Sunny and Amanda

After setting up and packing the goodie bags, our Double Good crew threw on their formal wear for a big night of boogie. The kids were dancing from the minute they walked in, and they didn’t leave the dance floor until Mickey and Minnie Mouse showed up.

Tim and Sunny dance the evening away at the gala!

The gala was the Double Good Kids Foundation in action, and as excited as we were to do it, dancing the night away with these kids surpassed all of our expectations. This was just our first event of this kind — we’re already planning for next year, and there will be many more in between.

…and more dancing, featuring Brie, Lexi, and Tracy!
“Their enthusiasm at the gala brought me to tears. They were so excited to give us high fives. -Brie
Brie, Lexi and Kaysha hang with Mickey and Minnie

We would like to personally thank all of you, to give each of you a high five. But since we can’t, this is us sending out a super heartfelt group hug to all of our customers who made this night possible.

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