National Best Friends Day

Honestly, there aren’t enough days in the week to honor the person who acted as a human shield on your walk to the bathroom after you spilled coffee on yourself. That’s the best-friend move right there, and it deserves endless love and devotion for all of eternity.

Today is the official day to celebrate your bestie. And yeah, best friends bracelets are great; they last a lifetime, just like your friendship. But your bond is extraordinary and deserves something just as spectacular. Like a popcorn lei.

In honor of National Best Friends Day, we paired two popcorn flavors that are completely different but totally enrich one another. Like the greatest friendships, you don’t have to be popped in the same kettle to bring out the best in each other.


Waddle You Do For Cookies + In Queso Fire = Penguin Fire Walker

Curious about the flavor profile? Think sugar and spice and everything nice. Because sometimes the best compliment is a complete contradiction.

Now go forth and celebrate in scrumptiousness!


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