Popcorn on a Mission

We’re all for keeping it real, from the ingredients in each bag of popcorn to the way we do things around the office. That’s because our mission is the foundation of everything we do — create joy and reward those committed to helping others. So, instead of focusing on growing revenues, we focused on making a product we believe in and using it to grow people’s potential.

Shortly after we began offering fundraising opportunities for kids and their sports teams, they started sending us letters to tell us how much it meant to them to play on a team and how the popcorn helped them pay for registration or buy new uniforms or get to the championships. They told us that everyone who supported them loved the popcorn.

These stories changed the way we looked at what we do, and we wanted to do it for more kids. So far, we’ve raised more than 70 million dollars to help kids do what they love.

Take a look at the video and hear Tim Heitmann and other employees of Double Good talk about what it means to Create Joy!

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