How to Win This Week


Popcorn may not be the hero we expect, but it’s the hero we deserve. So, even when you’re having one of those weeks, here’s how popcorn can make it better — one day flavor at a time.

Manic Monday
You’re late for work. You left your metro card in your other jeans. Somehow, you’ve managed to put on two different socks and a belt that matches literally everything except the shoes that you’re wearing. There’s no time for coffee. But don’t worry, Holla-Peno will get your blood flowing and get you through that 9 A.M. meeting. Sure, it’s a little extreme. But on Mondays we all need that.

Good-bye, Ruby Tuesday
Who could hang a name on you? It’s a fact that seventy-five percent of most people’s productivity happens on forty-three percent of Tuesdays. Go get ‘em, tiger. Caramel Diem.


It’s all uphill from here. But first we need to make it to lunch time. Need the perfect mid-morning snack to fuel your fire? Try the Little Kettle That Could and repeat after me: “I think I can, I think I can…”

Bummer. You’ll need to wait until after work to hit Happy Hour. That doesn’t mean your mood has to suffer. Keep it positive and be a White Cheddar Go Getter until the bell rings.

Friday, I’m in Love
This is not a drill, people. It’s Friday, time to dress casually, work questionably and then party hardily. Which popcorn pairs best with mid-afternoon quitting time? Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy, of course.

Flip flops? Sweatpants? Sparkles? Whatever you’ve got going on, it’s all good. Just remember to eat something to fuel your Saturday shenanigans. We recommend Fruity Fruity Bang Bang to bring a splash of color to the proceedings.

Everyday is like Sunday
Every day is silent and grey. But it doesn’t have to be. In A Caramel Nutshell, you’ve got to go back to the office tomorrow, so even if you never take off those pajama bottoms, make today count!


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