Good in the World: Homecoming Hero


For many young people in high school, it’s easy to become a bit of a stereotype. Maybe you navigate four years as a soccer player or the homecoming queen or maybe the football hero. It’s all so Breakfast Club.

That’s not the case for Ocean Springs (MS) High School senior Kaylee Foster. Sure, she’s been a part of her school’s homecoming court for the past four years, but the soccer star has also taken on kicking duties for the varsity football team.

After she was crowned Homecoming Queen for the first time, she suited up like the rest of her teammates and got down to business, beating rival George County High 13-12 on the gridiron.

Sure, it’s a fun story. But here’s the thing: Kaylee didn’t just play in the game. She didn’t just kick the game-winning extra point. She also put two field goals through the uprights, scoring more than half of Ocean Springs’ points.

In fact, Kaylee hasn’t missed an extra point attempt all season long and has converted on three of her four field goal attempts, maxing out at an impressive forty-two yards.

Asked by The Mississippi Press if she thought she would make the kick, Kaylee responded, “I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick.”

Kaylee has been playing football with the boys since middle school, so playing the game is nothing new to her — just the national attention. Since the story broke, she’s been an inspiration for young women all over the country to try new things, to get into the game and to win more than homecoming queen.

After the buzz and press tour dies down, Kaylee plans to suit up next year for Division II Mississippi College, on the women’s soccer team. While it’s unlikely, she hasn’t yet ruled out football at the next level.

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