Conversation Starters to Break the Fundraising Ice


Starting conversations with strangers is hard. It can be awkward. And sweaty. For some of us, just the thought of talking to people we don’t know is a nightmare. But asking them for money? That is LITERALLY the worst thing imaginable. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You know that raising more money means new equipment, more civilized travel, or better uniforms for your kiddos. So, to help get the ball rolling, here’s a few Easy-Peasy (Caramel Cheesy) conversation starters to get the ball rolling (and the wallets open).

Do you like popcorn?

This one’s a little obvious. Especially when you’re trying to sell popcorn for your fundraiser. But here’s the thing: everyone loves popcorn. If they don’t, you probably don’t want to be friends with that person anyway. You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life. If they say “yes,” you’re off to the races and halfway to closing the deal. At this point, you’re just settling on which flavors in which sizes.

How about those Bears (Bruins, Yankees, etc)?

It’s a small talk cliché, but it’s super easy to get people talking about their favorite sports teams. Once they’re off and running about their favorite linebacker, you can mention that your son (daughter, niece, nephew) plays linebacker, and away you go. If your new friend feels a connection to your little superstar, they’ll be much more likely to jump on the Double Good train.

Do your kids play sports?

There is no easier way to raise funds than to remind the people in your community that “We’re all in this together”. Today’s Pop Warner star might be the next homecoming hero(ine), so don’t forget to remind the folks whose kids have moved on to the next level that they were once just like you.  

Granted, when you sell popcorn this way to a mother of infant twins, you’re entering into an implied contract to buy WHATEVER she asks you to in a few years… Let’s just hope they’re selling Double Good popcorn.  

Now you’re basically a pro and ready to start a fundraiser of your own.

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