How to Turn Snack Time into Game Time


Mom and Dad always told us not to play with our food. They also told us that mowing the lawn would build character and that trigonometry would be important when we grew up. Soooooooo… Besides, you’re the boss now, and you make the rules. Why not turn snack time into game time?

Poker Chips

We here at Double Good don’t necessarily encourage gambling, but if you’re going to play poker, there need to be some stakes. Not that we do this every Thursday evening in a dimly lit conference room. But if we did, we’d probably set up a system something like this.

My Main Cheese– $1 per piece

In a Caramel Nutshell– $5 per piece

Holla-Peño– $10 per piece

Don’t worry, if you’re all-in and go bust, you can always relax in the lounge and eat the unused chips… Um, popcorn.  

Checkers & Backgammon      

Here’s a fun way you can update these classic games (that your grandparents love) to give them a little modern… ahem… flavor. Choose two of your favorite popcorns, one for each color, to replace those boring plastic disks. Sure, it might not be traditional, but we know full well you’re already using a button to replace the one piece that disappeared under the couch, never to be seen again. Why not just replace them all with something more delicious?

Bonus: You get to eat all your opponent’s pieces when you win. Just no fair reaching into the bag and sneaking pieces back onto the board!   

Trick Catching

Need to have a snack AND get some likes on your Insta? Why not double down with Double Good and work on your trick-snacking? Need a few ideas? Try these for starters.

The “Off the lampshade into your own mouth” with Fruity Fruity Bang Bang.

The “Long distance end-to-end couch lob” to your significant other/roommate with Chi-Town Chow Down.

And our personal favorite, the “Watch the dog spin five times before going fully airborne” to catch a piece of Butter Believe It.

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