Revolutionary Ways to Eat Popcorn


Sure, grabbing a big old handful and going to town is the tried and true method to put popcorn in your belly, but you have options. Here are three deliciously different ways to eat your daily dose of Double Good.

Bake It In

Feeling your inner Martha Stewart taking over as the holidays approach? Same. Maybe it’s time to bake a few helpings of Sweetie, You Salty into these awesome popcorn cookies. Because popcorn cookies are a thing, and that’s worth celebrating… with popcorn cookies.

Spoon It On

You know what people don’t do enough anymore? Make hot fudge sundaes. At home. On Tuesdays. Just Because. We’re bringing that action back! #sundaefunday.

Pro Tip: Always use two flavors but keep it simple. No need for marshmallows, almonds, and brandied cherries in the ice cream when you’re planning for an array of toppings. Our favorite combination? Glad you asked. Try chocolate and caramel ice creams with hot fudge and a healthy sprinkling of Waddle You Do For Cookies? over the top. And whipped cream. Always whipped cream.   

Garnish With It

Are your nachos lackluster? Do they come out soggy and kinda sad? We feel you. It’s probably a result of too many watery toppings dripping all over your would-be masterpiece. Try garnishing your next batch with Holla-Peño or In Queso Fire, liberally sprinkling that pop of flavor atop a hearty mountain of nachos. This is basically the crunchy, revolutionary, football-season snack we need right now.

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