Happy Moment of Frustration Day?


For real? Is the internet just trolling us now? It’s 2018. Isn’t everything one big ball of frustration? From cellphone batteries that can’t keep a charge to hair that won’t do what it’s supposed to, we all have a million tiny irritations that inevitably blossom into outsized personal nightmares. But do we really need a holiday to celebrate the concept?

Actually, it’s nothing new. Moment of Frustration Day has always existed. No. It’s ALWAYS been a thing. Check it out:

“Just got my nails done, so of course I immediately got into it with a pack of raptors.  #momentoffrustrationday. And what’s that up in the sky? An asteroid? Just awesome.”
— Lucy the Triceratops, Pangaea, 65 million B.C.

“Well, I guess that’s it. #Nomorelandstoconquer. What am I supposed to do now?  #momentoffrustrationday. I’m not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.”
— Alexander T.G., Constantinople, 323 B.C.

“I’ve finally perfected my technique for handwriting books, but of course Gutenberg claims he’s made some sort of “printing press” that can make books in hours, not weeks. Just my luck. #momentoffrustrationday.”
— Franck Handschreiber, Mainz, Germany, 1455 A.D.

“After ten years of begging, mother has finally sent over grandmother’s wedding ring from London so that I can propose to my beloved Ophelia. OF COURSE, she sent it over on the biggest, gaudiest boat available. OF COURSE, the boat hit an iceberg, or some such ridiculousness. Looks like I shall never be married. #momentoffrustrationday.”
— Stanley Plennington, New York, 1912

So, no matter what’s grinding your gears this #momentoffrustrationday, remember to take a deep breath, then let the entire internet know how you feel. Once you’ve vented, may we suggest you grab a handful of The Little Kettle That Could? Because you totally can even. You’ve got this.

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