It’s Chocolate Season


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Aside from the inevitable jubilation of remembering how amazing sweatpants are, we’ve got yet another reason to be super stoked on the arrival of autumn.  

No, it’s not the annual migration of pumpkin spice god-knows-what. But, like, yay.

Every year in Chicago when the leaves come down, we turn up with our own limited-edition flavors. It’s finally time to say those three little words that you’ve been longing to hear all through the long, hot summer.

Chocolate. Is. Back.

We’d do it year-round, but we just can’t. Literally. Chocolate is melty. That’s part of what makes it so awesome. But it doesn’t travel well. 

Now that the winds coming across the lake have chilled out, it’s time…

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Paint It Milk Chocolate
Sure.  We could have just poured a bunch of mediocre chocolate on some plain popcorn. Maybe hit it with some salt. People would have gone crazy. After all, it is chocolate. But that’s not how we roll. To really ramp up the flavor, we coated our signature caramel corn with layers of thinly drizzled, luxurious milk chocolate. Stop drooling and just order some now. You’ll thank us later.

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It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time!
If you like things a little sweet, a little salty and then smothered with even more sweet and a bit of nutty thrown in for good measure, this one’s for you. Our classic kettle corn gets hit with a healthy dose of white chocolate and peanut butter, making it the pinnacle of salty-nutty-sweet. Or is it nutty-sweet-salty. We can’t keep track. It doesn’t matter. We’re on our third bag already and this stuff just went public.

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