Double, Double Toil and Trouble


October is our favorite month around here. Fleece is back, we start making our seasonal milk chocolate and white chocolate peanut butter flavors, and unless you’ve been living under a rock since September 14th, you already know Halloween candy is EVERYWHERE!  

While we can’t in good conscience recommend eating candy corn (because blech) we do have a few tips to give your Halloween the Double Good treatment this year.  

Dress the Part
You (or your kiddo) can be the one that brings the fun to the party, and what’s more fun than popcorn?  

If you’re feeling crafty, check out this amazing DIY popcorn costume that you can rock almost anywhere (narrow hallways and spiral staircases might be an issue). Bonus points on Insta if you can duplicate one of our popcorn packages!

Not enough hours in the day to even consider that level of commitment? We get it. Check out this pre-assembled version.  

Share the Joy
Yeah, we know it’s not cool to give out loose handfuls of popcorn to neighborhood kids, but if you’re headed to a party, consider whipping up a few plates of these bad boys with some Caramel Diem. Or, if you’re one of those people whose super power is a raging case of O.C.D., separate and sort the flavors of Fruity Fruity Bang Bang so you can make an array of technicolored orbs of deliciousness (also known as popcorn balls). Even better, just use the tangerine-flavored ones so they’re all orange. You get to eat the leftovers.

Give Double Good and Give Back
Halloween is still a few weeks away. There’s plenty of time to order a few snack packs of Double Good awesomeness to add to your giveaway candy. A whole bag of our freshly popped amazingness will get you more brownie points than a full-sized Snickers. Plus, you’ll know that we’re sending half of every dollar you spend with Double Good to support kids with special needs, which is pretty much the only thing cooler than Halloween.

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