How to Craft a Fundraising Pitch


Sure, delicious popcorn pretty much sells itself. It’s not hard to get people to commit to munching on handfuls of  White Cheddar Go Getter. But when it comes to the fundraising trail, we all have to be a go-getter and get after it. 

Here are a few tips for crafting a well-honed ask that will turn potential buyers into big supporters.

Ditch the sales pitch
Asking for help isn’t easy. It can be tough to hit up our family, friends, and co-workers with what feels like a sales pitch, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. If you believe in your cause, they will too. Passion is infectious, so let them see it.

Practice, practice, practice
While it’s unlikely that you’ll need to repeat a planned speech word for word every single time, making sure that you hit all the key points is, well, key. So, have a rehearsed phrase that you can fall back on if the nerves kick in. 

Remind them that it’s a win-win
There’s a reason that Girl Scouts sell cookies — everyone loves them and everyone wants them, so they’re super easy to sell. Kind of like Double Good popcorn. Remind your customers how happy they’ll be when they’re licking the cheese and/or caramel off their fingers. Contributing to a good cause is the icing on the cake popcorn.


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