How to Thank Your Fundraising Supporters


While fistfuls of Double Good popcorn are a pretty sweet reward, it’s still a great idea to communicate your gratitude for all the people who made your fundraiser successful. So, don’t be shy about letting them know you appreciate their help. Besides, ensuring that they know they’re valued can go a long way towards turning one-time buyers into repeat supporters.

Get the kids involved
Writing personal thank you notes is a great way to make people feel appreciated. Have the kids write part of the note, include their artwork, or attach a photo. Little touches like these will remind your supporters what it’s all about.  

grandfather-1413784_1920Give fun details that bring their donation to life
Did your team win the big game? Include pictures of the action and let them know the scores. Some teams create an end-of-season newsletter complete with highlights and player awards to give to their supporters. The more people understand how awesome your program is, the more likely they are to contribute to your future fundraising endeavors.

Let them know exactly how they helped
Was the organization able to financially support a larger number of teammates than last year? Are the new uniforms the coolest thing ever? Did the repairs at the field make playing soccer safer and more fun? Being specific about how this fundraiser changed things for the better helps give supporters a greater sense of satisfaction… Maybe even more satisfying than popcorn.  


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