Take Your Fundraiser to New Places and New Heights


If you’re anything like us, when fundraising season rolls around, you find yourself hitting up the same two dozen friends and relatives to make and break your quotas.  

Sure, it’s worked in the past, but what if the standard list of aunts, uncles, and grandparents just won’t do it? We’ve got a few tricks we can share to help you level up.   

The Office
Some people think that fundraising around the office is uncomfortable, but honestly, you talk to these people ALL THE TIME. You know which sports their kids play, and they know that your son does gymnastics. Sure, a bag of Double Good on every desk is a start but you’ve got to think BIGGER! Try talking to your office manager about buying a week or even a month’s worth of break room snacks. Your coworkers will thank you.

The Great Outdoors
No, we’re not saying you should stand in the woods with a sign. But think about locations that might work as a fresh-air, pop-up, popcorn shop. Think about parks, beaches, pools, or sports fields. There are dozens of places in every town where you can meet new people to get them involved in your fundraiser.

Think Commercially
There’s a reason why businesses tend to congregate together at malls or on certain streets. When people head to those locations, they are doing so specifically to buy stuff… So hitch your popcorn wagon to that horse and take a ride. Ask local businesses about setting up shop for a few hours. Most businesses are more than happy to accommodate and help with fundraisers that support local youth activities.


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