How to Hype Your Fundraiser


A good fundraiser is basically an art form, but in our time popping corn and raising dough with teams, schools, and organizations all over the country, we’ve learned a few things. Here are a few of our favorite tricks to help your team come out hot!

Make a Big Announcement
Get everyone together and involved from jump. A school-wide assembly, team meeting, or PTA function are all perfect gatherings to announce the event and get total buy-in from your members. This is also a great time to communicate the why of your fundraiser and set some goals everyone believes in.

Drop Some Knowledge
Now that you’ve got their attention, don’t be all: “Hey guys, we’re selling popcorn this year,” and leave it at that. A little enthusiasm will go a long way here. Talk to the families about how to really get out into the community. Share some helpful tricks on making a successful pitch. Pro tip: Include handouts with details and FAQs, so you’re not constantly answering questions about how it all works… Especially if a group of sixth-graders are involved.  

Throw a Party
Hype everyone up with an awesome kickoff. Barack Obama IB Magnet Elementary School in Mississippi got their fundraiser going with a “Pop Rally.” Yep, a pep rally for popcorn. Genius. They threw down just like you’d expect for a big football game, but they added a popcorn machine. We hear bouncy houses are also pretty effective.







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