Good in the World: The Treasure House


Kurt Warner became famous in the NFL as the quarterback of the St. Louis Rams during the late nineties and early two-thousands. Dubbed “The Greatest Show on Turf,” Warner and his teammates shattered records and won the [word redacted due to copyright infringement but sounds like Superb Owl].  

Since those days, Warner has become one of the game’s great philanthropists, organizing and spearheading numerous campaigns all over the U.S. So, when Kurt and his wife Brenda saw their son Zack, who has developmental disabilities, become somewhat stagnant after high school, they knew they needed to find a place for him to continue to learn and grow more independent.  

There was only one problem. No such place existed.

So, Kurt and Brenda did what came naturally to them. They came up with a solution that wouldn’t just help their son, but others like him, as well.  

They built a place where they knew he could thrive.

The concept is simple. The Warners knew that their son was capable of living a healthy, happy independent life. He just needed a place where he could continue to achieve his dreams with just the right level of support.  

Treasure House opened recently in Phoenix, AZ.  As planned, Zack was one of the first half-dozen residents. The facility has capacity for around thirty people and hopes to grow to allow for a larger community.   

More importantly perhaps, for the Warners, is the knowledge that Treasure House doesn’t need to be a one-off. The formula they used to build the community around their son can be reproduced all over the country to help people with disabilities to live more independent, fruitful lives.

Winning a Superb Owl may have been sweet for Kurt Warner, but he believes that his true legacy will be helping people like his son all over the country.  

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