The Gift That Keeps on Giving


Has everyone cleared off their lawn skeletons and replaced them with inflatable turkeys? Ok, good. That means it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifting… Like, pronto. We might be slightly biased, but we think you should give the gift of popcorn this year, and here’s why.

Bring the Awesome
There’s not much better than being the person who turns a friend onto their new favorite thing. Maybe it’s a hot brunch spot, artisanal mezcal cocktails, or that band that you’re secretly hoping doesn’t make it big. But it can also be the freshly popped amazingness of Double Good popcorn. Don’t believe us? Just watch the reaction when a DG newbie tries Chi-Town Chow Down or Waddle You Do For Cookies for the first time.

Shop from Home
While we like Black Friday chaos as much as any red-blooded American, we aren’t planning on buying laptops and iPads for everyone on our list. With Double Good, you can check off vast swaths of your gifting list without ever leaving the couch. Or your jammies. Or your bag of In Queso Fire. Just try to keep the nacho cheese off your tablet’s screen.  

Do Some Good with Your Gifting
The holiday season is all about giving. So, this year, think about giving a little extra. Every time you send the gift of Double Good, you’ll know that half of every dollar you spend goes directly to the Double Good Kids Foundation, helping bring sports and activities to kids with developmental disabilities all around the country. Whether its specialized equipment, training, or opportunity, every purchase you make will help open doors and bring joy this holiday season. And awesome popcorn deliciousness. Don’t forget that.

Want to do More?
Consider setting up a holiday fundraiser for your favorite charity. There’s still time to set up your own pop-up popcorn shop, so if there’s a cause you’d like to raise money for this season without writing an oversized check from your own account, check here to find out all the details and make the holidays just a little merrier!

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