It Feels Good to be Grateful


It’s kind of awesome working at a place where we get to make the best popcorn imaginable AND help people all over the country at the same time.  

We know we’re lucky, so in preparation for turkey time, here’s a short and incomplete list of the things we’re thankful for this season.

We’re So Thankful For:

The smell of freshly popped popcorn wafting through the office on a Thursday afternoon. It might not be quitting time yet, but it’s close enough.  

A beautifully designed and blended cocktail when the work week has come to an end.  

The notes from our fundraisers that let us know how much they accomplished this year. These are the ultimate proof that we’re doing something good in the world.

Amazing coworkers who make working here every day around here simply awesome!

Salted caramel. Why would anyone ever make unsalted caramel? That makes no sense.

Coffee drinks in ceramic mugs that make our hands feel like they’re melting… In a good way.

Chicago-style pizza. Because everyone knows that thin crust is for people who don’t deserve carbs.  

Heroes who inspire us to be better than we ever thought we could. Hitting the gym suddenly seems easy.

Our partner charities that do amazing work all over the country. We’re so proud that we’re able to donate half of every dollar to such amazing organizations.

Corgis.  Because… corgis.  

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