Philanthropic Gift Guide


‘Tis the season for giving, and with long lists of holiday shopping to do, we figured we’d make it easy. Introducing the guide to gifts that give back. Because why give once when you could give twice?

Sure, you’ve seen Toms minimal, super comfy shoes everywhere, but did you know that for every pair sold, they donate a corresponding pair of shoes to one of almost a hundred charity partners in over seventy countries? Even better, it’s not just shoes. Toms also makes sunglasses that fund eyecare in impoverished countries, as well as healthcare and education for pregnant women in need when they sell bags. Not to mention fighting bullying with every backpack sold.  

Cuddle + Kind
Got a little one on your gift list? Check out Cuddle + Kind. For every super snuggly, handmade toy purchased, they’ll provide ten meals for children in need, both here in the U.S. and abroad.  

Better World Books
Sure, it’s easy to buy from Amazon (whaddup, Amazon Smile), but there’s another option that lets you give double. For every book purchased, Better Worlds Books donates another to those in need. Childhood literacy is one of the largest predictors of lifelong success, so you’re helping to spread the gift of reading through their many Literacy Partners.

Full disclosure: we use these and we love them. S’well has perfected the reusable water bottle that replaces hundreds of plastic bottles per year, but also keeps your water crazy cold. Like, way-way cold for hours, even days (for those of us bad at hydrating). Plus, they’ve partnered with multiple charities like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Unicef.  

Double Good
We may have a one-track mind here, but we hope you’ll consider spreading some holiday cheer and popcorn deliciosity this holiday season. As always, for every dollar spent on popcorn, we’ll donate fifty cents to the Double Good Kids Foundation to support kids with developmental disabilities. Give Good. Get Good. Do Good. 👍

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