Real World Resolutions That Really Matter


Show of hands.

How many of us have made the EXACT SAME resolutions every year since 2012?

(You can’t see us, but our hands are up…)

Drink less coffee.  


Exercise more.


We’re not judging. It’s an endless cycle of marginal self-improvement that, at best, makes us feel lame before we even pay the second month of gym dues that won’t get used.

So why not think bigger this year? Instead of making resolutions all about ourselves, let’s turn our resolutions outward, and see what good we can do in the world.

Clean out your closet
You’ve heard the old adage: “If you haven’t worn it in a year, then donate it.” Get on that… BIG TIME. Especially look at seldom used sweaters, sweatshirts, and coats. Every winter, shelters all across the country are too low on warm clothing to help people in the community who need it. As winter wears on, having an extra layer can mean the difference between life and death for someone.

Meet your neighbors
Don’t be weird about it. Just smile and wave when you’re walking the dog. Chat with the nice old lady down the block. Today’s technologically-driven society has driven a wedge between human beings. We can be so much better than that! You’ll be amazed at how different your block feels when you know the people on it by name.  

Shop local
Speaking of your neighborhood, before you buy something from an industry giant, take just a moment to think about purchasing it in your community. Instead of supporting an enormous faceless corporation, you could be supporting your neighbor, whose family has owned the corner hardware store for three generations. Many times, the pricing is similar (many retailers have adjusted their margins to compete), plus the tax revenue stays right in your community, supporting local schools and social programs.

Choose a cause
Literally any cause. There are thousands of amazing organizations out there doing good in the world. Take one on for your own. You don’t need a specific reason, but if you have a personal connection, all the better. But don’t just donate money. Give your time. Ask about planning teams. Join the board. Above all, talk about the cause with your friends. The biggest change you can make is to bring awareness to an issue that you think is important.

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