Meet the Double Do-Gooders: Tracy

You can’t do good without great people. So, we’re featuring some incredible people from our team. You can check out our previous employee profiles, Britt and Mike. This week, we’d like you to meet to Tracy.

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Tell us something cool about you.
I collect salt and pepper shakers and I currently have 26 sets, which are displayed above my kitchen cabinets. My favorite set, that I received from my mom, is a pair of sombreros. They are only for display, though. I never use them!

What do you do at Double Good?
I am a cook in the kitchen and I make the sweets, but I like to think I’m the Popcorn Queen. LOL

If you could shout any team member, who would it be and why?
I want to give a big shout out to Jose from maintenance, because what he does at Double Good is so important and without him nothing would be up and running. Sometimes we forget how important people are to our everyday lives that they get taken for granted, so thank you for all you do!

What’s been your favorite Double Good moment? 
My favorite Double Good moment from this past year has to be our trip down to Disney World. The Double Good Foundation put on a Gala for dancers and cheerleaders with special needs, and I had the privilege of attending. We got to see the dance and cheer competitions live, then decorate and be a part of the competitors gathering together to meet each other.

Who inspires you?
My mom. She is the most hard-working, selfless person I’ve ever met, and I am who I am today because of her.

I feel most empowered when…
I can achieve things on my own!

Equality to me means…
EVERYBODY on this planet is treated equally, fairly, and respectfully without judgement for any reason.

Why did you want to work at Double Good? 
Double Good has this energy that just makes you feel good about coming to work; the people and the reason behind the name bring me joy!

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