The Magic of Surfers Healing

Surfers Healing is straight up magic. We’ve known this since the moment we stepped onto the sand at our first camp in Folly Beach, SC. Everyone was swept away watching the kids and surfers ride the waves together. We were all enveloped in the joy and freedom of the day.

Surfers Healing is a non-profit organization that gives kids with autism and their families “one perfect day” at the beach. Renowned surfers from around the world hold camps in coastal towns where they teach the kids how to surf. (2)

Since witnessing that first wave, we’ve known we wanted to help in any way we could.

This is the story of how a popcorn company came to commission two surf boards and bring them to Hawaii. (4).gif

We returned home from our first Surfers Healing event stoked to share the magic with everyone at Double Good. It wasn’t long before we had an idea for a way we could all pitch in: we held a company-wide fundraiser selling our popcorn, with 100% of sales going to Surfers Healing.

The money our community raised will be enough to fund a surf camp for hundreds of kids. (5)

The surfers had told us they all vied for the longer surf boards that were more stable on the waves and better accommodated two riders. That’s when we realized how awesome our bag designs would look on the waves. So we made some. Shout out to the amazing people at Hobie for making some seriously beautiful boards.

Members from our team flew to Hawaii with the boards in tow for another incredible day on the beach with Surfers Healing. (3)

Check it out for yourself in the short video below.


If you would like to support Surfers Healing, you can use code SURFER when you order popcorn and 50% of your purchase will go toward helping them continue to provide these incredible camps free to kids with autism.

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