Meet The Double Do-Gooders: Eboné

You can’t do good without great people. So, we’re featuring some incredible people from our team. You can check out our previous employee profiles, BrittMike, and Tracy. This week, it’s all about Eboné.

You're invited to anWhat do you do at Double Good?
I work in product support. What’s done there is probably too much to type, but our team is pretty much the eyes and ears to our customers.

Why did you want to work at Double Good? 
I was intrigued by DG based on the hiring ad that asked me to describe my favorite candy. I thought, this place is different. I like that! I also love the mission of supporting kids. I’m an advocate for youth.

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor?
I never liked popcorn too much before working at DG. Now that I’ve had Easy Peasy, I’ll never be the same again, aaah!

Who inspires you?
My two younger sisters inspire me. Everything I do, I keep them in mind. They’re my life anchors.

Complete this sentence: Equality to me means…
That everyone is valued and treated as such.

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