Rhythm Works Returns to Double Good

Dance was one of humans’ first forms of communication; a form of pure emotional expression.

“When people dance together, they bond faster,” Tricia Gomez said. “Many of our kids are nonverbal, so doing this dance together gives them a way to connect with people in a way they wouldn’t have before.”


Tricia is is the Global Director of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, a program that encourages skill development and self-empowerment for kids with developmental disabilities by providing inclusive dance classes and instructor training.

If you’ve been with us a while, you may remember that Tricia came to Double Good HQ last March to certify a group of six dance instructors. Well, she’s back for more.

Three dance instructors from around the country and two directors from the US All Star Federation (USASF) settled into a room at our factory for a day of education and training.

Through the Double Good Kids Foundation, we were able to certify these five teachers and community leaders in Rhythm Works Integrative Dance.


“There aren’t a lot of consistent dance programs after school, no class that provides an opportunity for kids with special needs. They get a little lost, which is discouraging,” said Lindsay, a dance instructor at New Fusion Dance and Performing Arts in Green Bay, WI. “We wanted to be able to create something that was exclusively for them. We’re hoping to launch classes on our schedule come summer.”

These dance instructors were joined by Glenda Broderick, Chairperson of the Exceptional Athlete Committee for Special Abilities at the USASF, and Mary Wendt, Dance Education Director for the USASF.

“A teacher is a teacher,” Mary said. “Yes, it will definitely assist the exceptional athlete, but any coach, any owner — I think it would be one more way to have their program stand out in a community.”

“I’m excited about finding a way to help our coaches help our exceptional athletes be more independent, open people up to other styles of teaching to create happier athletes and more fulfilled coaches,” Glenda said. 

It was a consuming day of learning for these five women, and the impact they have on their communities will be far reaching. Thank you to all the Double Gooders out there for making this day possible. Through your popcorn purchases, we all made the world a little better.

I’m looking forward to taking a lot of the rhythm lessons home with me. I think that’s going to be a great tool to help my kids grow. — Vanessa, Peak Athletics in Denver, CO

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