Good in the World: Changing Kicks


Sometimes, doing good in the world isn’t about doing the impossible, or taking on an insurmountable challenge. Sometimes, it’s just about calling out inequality and asking the right questions.

That’s exactly what nine-year-old Riley Morrison did.

Riley lives in Northern California, plays basketball, and loves her NBA Champion Warriors, especially superstar guard Stephen Curry. So, when she needed new kicks for this season, she knew she wanted to rep her favorite player and team.

But as she navigated Under Armour’s website looking for his signature kicks, she realized that she couldn’t find the Curry V’s in sizes for girls. That’s because they were only classified as boys’ shoes on the website.

Most people would simply buy the little boy’s size that fits them, but not Riley. She sent off a letter to Steph Curry, explaining the problem, and dang, did the NBA superstar ever deliver.

Not only did Curry personally respond to Riley’s letter, he jumped right on the problem, working directly with the team at Under Armour to correct the oversight.  

The Curry V youth basketball shoes now appear in the girls’ basketball section, as well as the boys — just as they should have, all along.   

In addition, Curry sent a pair of the coveted shoes directly to Riley, as well as the promise of a sneak peek at the upcoming Curry VI’s before they hit stores and an invitation to celebrate with him on International Womens’ Day.   

Big shout out to Steph Curry for understanding that small changes like this help everyone move forward towards gender equality.

More importantly, huge kudos to Riley Morrison, for understanding that good in the world doesn’t just happen. We must speak up and take action to make the world a better place.  

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