Meet the Double Do-Gooders: Kyle

You can’t do good without great people. So, we’re featuring some incredible people from our team. You can check out our previous employee profiles, BrittMikeTracy, and Ebone. Now, we turn our attention to Kyle.


What do you do at Double Good?
I’m part of the sanitation crew. I keep the equipment and work areas clean and ready for production to work their magic the following day.

Why did you want to work at Double Good?
I think what brought me to DG was the job posting. The level of sarcasm and fun was so high that I had to apply to see if this was real. So far, that same level of fun is still there months later!

If you could shout any team member, who would it be and why?
Everyone is great in their own way, however, I have to give a huge shout out to JoAnn! What she does in sanitation on the janitorial side can be pretty crazy at times, and she is always — and I truly mean always — looking out for the rest of us in sanitation. Thanks, JoAnn!!!

What was your most recent act of kindness?
My most recent is actually taking place while I type this. I took my brother out for lunch today!

What inspires you?
Music is what inspires me.

Equality to me means…
That people need to look at it differently. Equality would mean that we are the same when in reality every single person is different from one another. I really feel like we should all be treated the same but without using a word like equality. If everyone was equally the same then the world would be a very boring place.

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