The Transition Center Visits Double Good


Sometimes we get visitors at the factory. We like to think they’re here for us, but their faces never seem to light up the way they do for the popcorn.

And honestly, we totally get that.

We recently got to hang out with a bunch of friends from the Transition Center. The Adult Opportunities Program located in the Transition Center provides life and vocational skills instruction to young adults with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 22. The main focus of the Adult Opportunities Program is to promote opportunities for independence in employment, post-secondary education and training, independent living skills, and community experiences.

So, like, basically the class we wish we’d had instead of learning to play the recorder.

We got to show them around the factory, and they got to ask us questions about our hiring and interview process as they enter into the working world.

By day’s end, we had a bunch of new friends and potential future team members. No matter where they end up, we can’t wait to see what these awesome people will do 💙


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