Fundraising Lingo: Just for LOLs


Kids are little balls of pent-up creative energy. The key is to harness their superpowers and help them find ways to use them for good — like fundraising for their team. With dozens of these frenetic forces working on a fundraiser, it can be hard to keep up with everyone, so communication is key. Here are some text abbreviations to keep growing brains engaged, motivation high, and fun maximized. Because, really, it is all in good fun.

With the full weight of your team behind this fundraiser, there will be “So Much Hustle” it will leave you shaking your head.

Every fundraiser should begin with a party and the sharing of some vital info (why, when, where) so no one can later claim they didn’t know. Afterwards, you can proudly declare, “I Dominated Kick-Off.”

Got a supporter who couldn’t decide which flavors they wanted, so they just splurged and got one of everything? “Totally Bought ALL!!!”  is the fastest way to brag to your team.  

The proper response to the above is “We’re Fundraising Masters.”
Because this works for you, too and is just one more example of awesome teamwork.

In the days of AOL, this meant “away from keyboard,” but when you’re hustling to sell popcorn from a table at the mall, it means “At Fundraising Kiosk.”

Got someone who wants to support the team, but has dietary restrictions? Don’t worry. There’s “Plenty Of Vegan” options available. That’s one point of view, anyway. See also POG for gluten-free options.

Old-timers will tell you this means “copy & paste,” but around here it means Chi-Town Chowdown & Paint it Milk Chocolate (a heck of a combo if you didn’t know).

In my humble opinion, this is the best way to tell people about what’s “In My Healthier Options,” which is basically anything not smothered in caramel and/or chocolate. But seriously, where’s the fun in that?  

An oldie but a goody. If you need someone to intervene so the other parents don’t eat all the popcorn, ask a friend to “Save Our Stash!”

This one can stay, because there will be lots of that. In fact, these abbreviations will likely cause lots of confused laughter, and precious time will be spent translating. Probably don’t use them. But maybe create some of your own!

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