How to Raise Funds When Temps are Low


OK, so the polar vortex may have passed, but it’s still a little polar-y here in Chicago. We know all too well that it can be brutal going door-to-door or setting up shop outside the supermarket when the air outside is hurting your face. That doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel or call strangers out of the phone book, because what’s a phone book anyway, amirite?

You can totally still hit your fundraising goals without braving the elements. Here’s how:

Get Social (media, that is)…
Open up your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feed and you’re bound to scroll across links to help your friend’s ska band fund their first album or your cousin afford to eat for another month while he works on his as-yet-unfinished screenplay. Why has social media become a magnet for fundraising causes of all types? Put simply, because it works. Like, really well. Which is why our social fundraising platform exists entirely online. Be sure to personalize your posts and tag some friends or relatives who are likely to share your link and help broaden your reach. You’ll be shocked at how many random connections are willing to contribute to the cause, especially when there’s popcorn involved.

Go to Work
The office is a great place to boost sales without even trying. Assuming you can handle all the chewing noises within earshot of your desk, bring a bag of Chi-Town Chow Down and let co-workers go to town on some samples. Before lunchtime hits, you’ll be reeling in the orders. Don’t forget to talk to the boss or cozy up to the office manager, either. You never know if they might want to make a big order for the office party or stock the break room.

Get Sporty
Do the kids have an indoor soccer match or basketball game this weekend, but you need to raise money for the robotics club? Check with the facility about setting up a table or just capitalize on the mandatory mingling with the other parents. In either case, after their thirteenth hotdog from the concession stand this season, popcorn will sound even better.

Got any great tips for raising money while staying warm and dry? Hit us up with your best tricks and tips!

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