Meet the Double Do-Gooders: Russ

We are lucky to work with some of the most awesome people we’ve ever met. People like BrittMikeTracy, EboneKyle, and Judy make Double Good a better company and the world a better place. And we’re always looking for more awesome people to join our team.

We want to introduce our buddy Russ 💙

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Tell us something cool about you.
I am very curious and always willing to learn. My main goal is to spread joy with anyone who crosses my path.

What do you do at Double Good?
Create joy and fulfill orders.

Why did you want to work at Double Good?
My whole life I have searched for a job where I can BE HAPPY and still HELP PEOPLE all in one. I constantly thank Double Good for giving me the opportunity to make a difference everyday.

What’s been your favorite Double Good moment? 
Every time I show up to work it is my new favorite experience. I am always greeted by smiling faces, comfort, laughter, and an unbelievable amount of acceptance. I am blessed to have become a part of this family.

If you could shout out any team member, who would it be and why?
Shout out to Brie for successfully coaching Order Fulfillment everyday, no matter what obstacles are thrown our way!

What was your most recent act of kindness?
I always try to go out of my way to spread kindness in my daily life; it is the way I prefer to give back and give thanks.

Who inspires you?
My amazing girlfriend constantly inspires me. She teaches me patience, love, acceptance, and she reminds me that the strongest people have often been through so much more than you could imagine. She is my saving grace.

I feel most empowered when…
The energy around me is light and vibrant.

Equality to me means…
Treating each other with respect and empathy, no matter what physical traits or differences we may have.

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