Black Girls Cheer Premieres in Philly

Last night, we premiered the Black Girls Cheer documentary for its stars: the girls of Dynasty Spirit Elite. A year in the making, the film premiered at the Ritz Theater in Philly’s Old City to a sold-out audience of friends and families, coaches, and local news crews.

It was magical to witness young African-American girls, who had never seen themselves represented at this level in the sport of cheerleading, watch themselves light up the big screen.

The Black Girls Cheer movement itself began as a way to bring voice and visibility to girls of color and inspire thoughtful conversations that would bring the world closer together.

Angel & Tonya Rice

When we were introduced to Black Girls Cheer, and watched All-Star team Dynasty Spirit Elite rise to the top of their sport, we knew it was an opportunity to tell a vital story in a new way. Our first documentary follows the young women who are literally changing the game and discovers what it’s like to compete at the highest levels when you’re proud of who you are and where you come from.  

Dr. Sharita Mathis Richardson & Daquan Johnson-Thompson

And now you can register to watch the film in your city. Let’s start the conversation and change the world.


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