Good in the World: Neymar and Teacher Kids


Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar Jr. may be sidelined with a broken foot that’s preventing him from helping Paris St. Germain in their next match, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a difference.  

Neymar has partnered with Handicap International for their Teacher Kids campaign, which was founded to draw attention to the over thirty-two million children globally who have disabilities that prevent them from attending their local schools. In some cases, transportation or accessibility can be an issue; in others, the schools simply might not be equipped to handle students with special needs. That doesn’t mean that those kids don’t deserve an education, and it also doesn’t mean that those kids don’t have something to teach all of us.

Teacher Kids is a platform that allows children to make videos that share a lesson, skill, or fact with others all over the world. The idea is that Teacher Kids can become a global classroom, with children using an internet connection to study, as well as share their expertise in any subject where they feel like they can be a teacher.

Per their recent press release:

Teacher Kids is the first virtual school where the teachers are children with physical, sensorial or intellectual disabilities. As an ambassador of NGO HI, Neymar Jr. wanted to support this cause by becoming its very first student. The footballer, who has 103 million followers on Instagram, was taught origami, sign language, dance steps and relaxation techniques by disabled children.

As the global ambassador for Teacher kids, Neymar spread his love of learning with millions of followers worldwide to raise awareness and help the new online educational platform gain steam.  

It’s an amazing glimpse into the educational and humanitarian possibilities of the internet, as the campaign will allow millions of students with disabilities to learn, grow, and teach in a way that would have been simply impossible a generation ago.

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