Watch the Documentary Black Girls Cheer

An organization dedicated to providing a platform to give voice and visibility to cheerleaders of color, Black Girls Cheer was already an unstoppable force. And then Dynasty Spirit Elite, the All Stars from Philly, made history as the first all-black team to win the Triple Crown. Anyone could have seen this was a story that needed to be told, but perhaps no one could have imagined how quickly and completely the Black Girls Cheer documentary would strike.

Following its creation, we assembled a panel of incredible, insightful, and compassionate humans to discuss the implications of the documentary. Jasmine CooperSusan LucciDr. Sharita Richardson, and Dr. John Duffy gathered outside Chicago for a screening of the film, after which they sat down to talk about what it could mean for this up-and-coming generation.

I love using art to prompt conversations to build community. We’re part of this bigger system that’s doing this to our sisters. Do we know this? And now that we know, what do we want to do? —Susan Lucci

To become a part of the conversation and help affect change, register to watch the documentary.

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