Making Moves with Rhythm Works


March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, so all month long we’ll be shining the spotlight on a few of our favorite foundations that focus on helping kids with developmental disabilities.

First up is Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, an organization that understands that music and dance are a fundamental part of human interaction.

Rhythm Works Global Director Tricia Gomez watches as students from the National Dance Foundation perform at the Chicago Bulls pre-show.

Before many of us could walk, we learned the thrill of moving to music. But for children with developmental disabilities, moving their bodies to the beat can open the door to greater things. Instructors use music and movement to introduce new concepts, skills, or ideas, as well as help students gain confidence and feel included with their peers.

For kids with developmental challenges, such as Autism or Down Syndrome, dance can be a revelation, but finding classes that cater to or even accept students with disabilities can be challenging. That’s why Rhythm Works created the hip-hop based Integrative Dance program to be an inclusive experience that everyone can enjoy. Their mission is to both teach and certify dance instructors all over the country to work with children with these challenges. Training seminars are available all over the country to help more communities provide inclusive opportunities for kids with special needs.  

Tricia meets dance instructors from around at Double Good to train them to work with kids with special needs in their communities.

We’re big believers in the Rhythm Works mission, so we’ve hosted certification training for dance instructors right here at our factory and sponsored some of their incredible initiatives through the Double Good Kids Foundation.

It’s amazing to see professional instructors from around the country who want to make a difference in their communities learn how to reach and teach these young dancers. What’s even more amazing is the look on the face of a young child learning to dance for the first time. In fact, it’s the reason we do what we do.

Use code DANCE when you buy popcorn and 50% will support Rhythm Works and all the incredible things they do for kids with special needs.

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