Raise Some Green on St. Paddy’s Day


On Sunday we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and even if green isn’t your color, there’s a very good reason to dress up and celebrate. The first official holiday of spring, St. Paddy’s day gets people out of the house and into the community to enjoy the festivities. And that’s where the popcorn comes in. Amid the green hubbub, you can raise some green for your organization or favorite cause.

Go Green
If you want to get people to contribute to your pot of gold, you should be prepared to employ every color-appropriate item in your closet and beyond. Pants, check. Socks, check. T-shirt, obviously. Pro-tip: A light-up shamrock necklace couldn’t hurt. Feel the green, be the green, raise the green.

Find the Fun
In every city, there’s a block or even a whole neighborhood that just does St. Patrick’s Day right. Maybe the street lights and buildings are decorated. Maybe the restaurants have specials for the day. Wherever the fun is going down, you want to be there. Find it and set up delightfully green shop. 

Give ‘Em an Offer They Can’t Refuse
Offering samples is a great way to entice prospective supporters. Really getting into this whole green thing? Pick out the green kernels of Fruity Fruity Bang Bang or make a pot o’ gold with the yellow ones. Popcorn doesn’t get any more on-brand than that — plus, you get to eat the rest yourself.


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