Which Spring Sport Are You?


With the snow, rain, and frigid temps behind us, everyone’s ready to get some fresh air. So, get the kids off the iPad, away from the TV, and onto the field. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you find the right springtime sport for your little all-star… and for you.

Baseball & Softball

Pros: Springtime ball — with it’s one of a kind sights, smells, and sounds — is a treat for the whole family. It’s all about nostalgia, team bonding, and hot dogs. It may not really be America’s favorite pastime anymore, but those “baseball card-style” pictures are still AMAZING to send to the grandparents.

Cons: Slow games, overly excitable parents, and occasional sliding-related uniform repairs.


Pros: Lacrosse is a fast-paced and exciting game for girls and boys. It will exhaust your young ones, no matter how “high-energy” they are.  

Cons: Fast-flying balls are not for the faint of heart, plus equipment can be pretty expensive. The walls of your house may never recover from those at-home practice sessions.


Pros: I know what you’re thinking. Soccer is a fall sport. But with year-round travel teams and programs, it’s accessible to many families all year long, Plus, it’s great for whole body coordination and basic costs for equipment are extremely low.  

Cons:  Especially before high school, it’s best to enroll kids in an array of sports to give them a balanced athletic background and avoid burnout.  

Track and Field

Pros: Running, jumping and throwing. It’s the one sport that’s virtually guaranteed to make them better at whatever other games they play. Costs are generally low across the board.

Cons: Not exactly the most invigorating viewing experience for families, especially with other kids.  Track meets are super long (sometimes a whole weekend affair), and if your kid only races for fifteen-to-twenty seconds, you might find yourself looking for other entertainment options.

It’s a wonderful thing to have options. And no matter what you choose, we’re always here to help make your dreams within reach.


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