Power of Popcorn: Benson Bruins


The Power of Popcorn

Lately, it’s become something of a refrain around the factory: “Look what popcorn can do.”

We’re fascinated by the fact that something so small can do such big things. Like help a kid meet their training goals, travel across the country, or bring their dreams within reach. And it’s a great reminder that each one of us — no matter how small we feel sometimes — has the potential to make an earth-shattering impact. If a kernel can do all that, what can’t you do?

In our new series, the Power of Popcorn, we’ll be featuring incredible stories of people who used those little kernels to make big things happen for themselves.

Benson Bruins Youth Football and Cheer

The Benson Bruins are a Washington-based youth football and cheer team that, like many small local teams, were always working to get the gear and keep kids in the game. You can understand why. Football teams aren’t small, frequently consisting of at least several-dozen players, so expenses for new equipment can add up quick. Add on a cheer program and look out!

Their first time fundraising with Double Good, the Benson Bruins hoped to sell five-thousand-dollars-worth of popcorn. That would be a good haul, allowing the team to keep twenty-five-hundred dollars to fund necessary parts of their program. What happened when they set up their shop and started selling, however, blew everyone away.

The Benson Bruins sold over twenty-four-thousand dollars. The surprising influx allowed them to buy uniforms for the whole team, as well as provide scholarships to reduce the cost of participation for families that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

As the Bruins president Ronald Burroughs Jr. said, “It’s not about popcorn. It’s about how people feel about kids.”

The popcorn just makes it possible. It’s the sweet reward someone gets for supporting your cause. But it’s you who does big, amazing, world-bettering things.


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