Meet the Double Do-Gooders: Annie

We are lucky to work with some of the most awesome people we’ve ever met. People like BrittMikeTracy, EboneKyleJudyRussDanielle, and Tim make Double Good a better company and the world a better place. And we’re always looking for more awesome people to join our team.
This week, we want you to meet Annie.
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Tell us something cool about you.
I studied improv for 3 years in Chicago — completed 3 programs at Second City and 1 at Improv Olympic and was a production/box office intern at Improv Olympic. Also formed my own indie improv troupe named Bacon Wrapped Date Night with awesome friends I met through Second City. We performed at Second City and at the Chicago Improv Fest in 2016. We now perform less often, but are still great friends!

Why did you want to work at Double Good? 
The two big draws for me were the mission and culture. The fact that my work is in some way helping a cause makes my job much more fulfilling. And the people here are dope humans; supportive, team-driven, kind people who got me excited to work here!

What do you do at Double Good?
I serve in a staff accountant role, mainly focusing on expense management (paying bills and receiving payment), but I also assist my team (Dan & Jared) in the month-end close process in whatever way they need me.

What’s been your favorite Double Good moment?
I only just started here a few months ago, but one top moment was the Q4 kickoff… Which also happened to be my first day! It was a great way to meet everyone and see how each team operates to make up the greater team at Double Good. I also enjoy my weekly PIG games with my accounting/finance team — always a good way to take a break from the work. I also had a great time at my first happy hour with Beth & Lexi, and then the first company-wide happy hour at Vistro. Looking forward to many more 🙂

If you could shout out any team member, who would it be and why?
This is tough because there are many…  I would probably say my finance team Dan & Jared. They have been awesome in helping me ease into my new position and have been great support for my many accounting-related questions. They are kick-ass professionals and kick-ass humans. I hope I can one day be on their level!

Who inspires you?
My mom — strongest, hardest-working woman I know. She inspires me to be a better person, treat everyone with respect, and go after what I want in life.

I feel most empowered when…
I believe in myself.

Equality to me means…
Everyone getting a fair chance at life and being treated with respect, regardless of background, race, gender, etc.

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