Kids Try Double Good: Part One


This is a true story.

We brought a couple of bags of Double Good popcorn to a four-year-old’s birthday party to see what little people would say. This is what happened when a crew of preschoolers and their parents were introduced to awesome for the first time.

Fruity Fruity Bang Bang

FruityFruity_FF1 copy

“Ooooh! It’s a pretty rainbow! Is this food for unicorns?” Liliana, age 3*
*Full disclosure: Liliana is my daughter, and she’s tried them all before. She’s still amazed.

“Do they all taste the same? Or are they different flavors? Whoa, different. Fun!!! Why am I suddenly craving a glass of milk?” Allan, age 35

Waddle You Do For Cookies?

Cookies_FF1 copy

“Are those penguins??? I love penguins!!! Is this popcorn and a cookie at the same time? Mom, does this count as one treat or two?” Bryson, age 4… Bryson asks a LOT of questions.

“Go ahead, Bryson, it only counts as one.” Emily, age 42… She stares at me with what can only be described as malevolent and possibly well-deserved side-eye.

In Queso Fire


“Hot. Hot. Hot. I like the orange, but my mouth is burning. Can I have some fruit punch, please?” James, age 3

It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time

PeanutButter_FF1 copy

“Yummy! It’s like peanut butter but crunchy and sweeter! Can I have more? Crunch, crunch, crunch etc.” Jodie, age 4… She runs away at warp speed while chewing.

“Hey, what did you just give my daughter? She’s bouncing off the walls and she can’t stop talking about it. That one? White chocolate and peanut butter…  How come no one else has ever thought of that before? This is genius.” Karen, age 37

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy

EasyPeasy_V2 copy

“This is really yummy, but the best part is all this cheesy stuff on my fingers.” Ace, age 5… Licks his whole hand, including the palm. It was also all over his face, but I decided to not tell him.


To be continued…


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