Power of Popcorn: Technique Gems


We know. Nothing new there. Figuring out the best way to hold a fundraiser is really difficult. There are a million options, all promising that they can help you raise the money you need, but lots of fundraisers are super-duper hard. Complex forms, confusing methods, complicated shipping, and low percentages all make the process difficult for parents and nearly impossible for organizers.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 3.23.31 PMEven after you’ve figured out how you’re going to raise the money, getting kids and parents on board is tricky. Busy schedules are jam-packed, and it takes time, effort, and persistence to raise the money you need to keep your program going. Set your sights too high, and the team may throw their hands up in despair. Set the bar too low, and everyone will do the bare minimum to squeak by. Enthusiastic engagement is the key. And the key to engagement is keeping things simple.

Technique Gems thought that fundraising was “necessary, but difficult” — until they met us. Since then, their fundraisers have averaged $500 per student, and everyone is engaged in the process. That’s an amazing lifeline for a gym that works so hard to get and keep kids involved in the sport of competitive cheerleading.  

By streamlining the fundraising process, we’ve made it that much easier to achieve your goals. The online pop-up stores allow your supporters to order quickly and easily, all you need to do is show them where! After that, we handle the shipping, and boom —you’re on your way. No order sorting, no annoying order forms, no doorbells. Just do your part and you get 50% of everything you and your team can sell. It really is that easy.

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