The Second Annual Exceptional Athlete Gala

USASF Dance and Cheerleading World Championship brings athletes together from all over the world to compete in the sport’s most prestigious event. Some of those teams represent the Exceptional Athlete program, which means that not only are they performing highly skilled routines, but they’re also overcoming health and developmental challenges that would sideline the average person. It makes sense that these kids from all over would want to meet each other.  


Three years ago, they attempted exactly that under the full heat of the Florida sun, but the temperatures prohibited them from spending any real quality time together. Glenda Broderick of the USASF was looking on, and the spontaneous meet-and-greet gave her an idea.

The Exceptional Athlete Gala was born to give these kids and their families a chance to come together, dance, and make friends.


This year, we held the second annual gala for the 200 athletes of the CheerABILITIES and DanceABILTIES teams, their parents, and their coaches. An Old-Hollywood-themed party, the evening was a celebration of these athletes’ accomplishments.

Gift bags were stuffed with popcorn, tables were adorned with gold statues, the red carpet was rolled out, and when party time came, the athletes and their families filed in beneath a lit marquee where the dance floor was waiting. The only dance break came when Mickey and Minnie Mouse arrived for pictures and autographs.


The incredible evening has become an anticipated tradition at Double Good all thanks to the USASF, which allows us the honor of sponsoring and being involved. What’s more, this event simply wouldn’t exist without Glenda and Gena Evans of the USASF, who are profoundly dedicated to their athletes and put so much hard work and joy into making this event happen for all of these families and kids. Thank you, from everyone at Double Good.


Double Good fundraising helps athletes and dance teams do what they love — the Double Good Kids Foundation aims to do the same thing for kids with special needs. 


  1. Linda Miller

    Great article and pictures!! My daughter and her friend are on the front picture. How can I get a copy of the picture?

    1. Renee Butler

      Will you be posting all of the pictures? The kids (and parents!) had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much for doing this!

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